Interview with a Veteran- Mitchel Durfee

An exclusive interview with Army Veteran, CEO and founder of Grunts Move Junk- Mitchel Durfee.

Q: What made you choose to enlist in the military?

A: Growing up, I came from a family that all served. My dad, my dad’s dad, my sister, and my uncles, so it was partially in my genetics and like many others that witnessed the attacks on 9/11 it gave me even more clarity, with my decision to join the Army. For me it was an opportunity for me to grow and protect our country on the highest level.

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Haunted in Vermont


Image from OurNewEnglandLegends

1) Glastenbury Mountain- There has been a long time mystery surrounding Glastenbury Mountain. Many claim the mountain to be cursed and haunted. This theory started with the native Americans who refused to go to Glastenbury Mountain because they feared that the land was cursed. At that point they only used the land to bury their dead. There have been a large number of murders that have taken place on the mountain dating back to 1892, perhaps earlier. There has also been the mystery of the strange disappearances that took place starting in 1943 as well as UFO sightings. Source

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charlie & katie are

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

22154662_1480607255365761_5219201931215419117_nOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in their life? Just think about that for a minute. You, your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece or a friend may develop breast cancer someday. That hits close to home when you take the time to actually think about how much this could potentially affect you or someone you know and love. Read More


How To Make Your New House Feel More Like Home

Moving into a new house can be extremely overwhelming. You might have a mix of emotions varying from sad to happy, excited or nervous. Settling in can take some time and it probably won’t feel like home for a while. As a moving company, we wanted to give you some tips that could help make your new house feel more like a home! Read More

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Six Tips For A Stress Free Move

Did you know that well over 1 million people in the United States currently live in a different place than they resided only 5 years prior (approximately ⅓ of the US Population). Statistics show that the average American will move 11.7 times in their lifetime. Annually only 9% of movers relocate more than 500 miles away, where 61% of movers remain in the same county. Regardless of the details relating to your specific move, there are countless ways to ease the stresses and complications of moving.

6 Tips For A Stress Free Move-

Hire A Moving Company:

Save yourself from relying on friends and family or having to do it all yourself. Optimize the efficiency of your move and hire a professional and experienced team of movers such as Grunts Move Junk. No job is too big for our Grunts, whether you need the whole moving package or just a few extra hands to help move heavier items, Grunts Move Junk has you covered!

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de-clutter me after

De-clutter Me!- Featured Business of the Week

De-clutter Me!

Owner: Ellen Gurwitz

Email: clearclutternow@gmail.com

Phone: (802) 598-3639

Website: clearclutternow.wordpress.com

How it started:

“After careful consideration and with the encouragement of some friends, I launched De-clutter Me! in 2013. After some time, I realized that the real inspiration for the business was some seven years earlier while helping my best friend, who lives in the desert Southwest. She, whom I’ve known since the fourth grade, was going through chemotherapy treatments. I flew there to support her and, hopefully, also to have some fun. Her house was a mess. We spent about 10 hours working in the kitchen, since I wanted it to be a healthy and workable space for her to prepare food for herself and her family. The sense of satisfaction from helping my friend stuck with me, even if in the back of my mind. Bonus points – she was pleased with our work together and, to my great relief, recovered from her cancer and still is very much with us.” Read More

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Junk Removal and Dump Runs

How many of you have recently completed a big project around your home or maybe cleaned out a room and now have junk and debris piled up in your garage because you haven’t had the time to bring it to the dump? We understand how frustrating it can be trying to find the time to go to the dump with the hours always changing, and most closing before you even get home from work. Weekends are even tougher as most are only open for a short time on Saturday’s and are closed on Sunday’s. Instead of having to leave work early or taking a day off and using your vacation time to go to the dump (yuck, who wants to waste their vacation time on that?) why not call Grunts Move Junk to do it for you? Read More